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Winter's Waltz in Vienna: A Symphony of Elegance

Updated: Feb 4

Servus and welcome to Vienna!

When winter descends upon the imperial city of Vienna, a captivating transformation unfolds. The Austrian capital dons a majestic coat of snow, and its historic streets and grand palaces become a tableau of enchantment. In this season, Vienna marries its timeless elegance with the festive spirit of the holidays, creating a harmonious symphony of culture, cuisine, and coziness.

The heart of Vienna, with its ornate architecture, radiates a warm and inviting glow against the winter chill. Stroll along the Ringstrasse and admire the illuminated facades of iconic landmarks like the Vienna State Opera and the Hofburg Palace. The grandeur of these structures is even more breathtaking when blanketed in a layer of snow.

The city's famous coffeehouses come alive in winter, offering a refuge from the cold. Step into Café Central or Café Demel, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the sweet scent of Austrian pastries. Sip on a cup of rich Viennese coffee while savoring the flavors of strudels, tortes, and Sacher Torte, a confectionary masterpiece.

As the snowflakes fall gently, Vienna's Christmas markets add a magical dimension to the winter wonderland. The Rathausplatz Christmas Market, with its towering Christmas tree and twinkling lights, evokes the spirit of the season. Sip on steaming cups of mulled wine, shop for handcrafted ornaments, and savor freshly roasted chestnuts as carolers serenade you with timeless melodies.

Vienna's cultural scene remains vibrant during winter, with concerts and operas performed in opulent venues like the Vienna State Opera House. The resonating notes of classical music fill the air, transporting you to another era of refined artistry.

Vienna's winter is a canvas painted with elegance and charm, where each corner tells a story of timeless beauty and festive celebration. As you bask in the city's warmth and revel in its sophistication, you'll discover that Vienna's winter is truly a symphony of elegance and magic, a melody that lingers in your heart long after the snow has melted.

Cheers! Nothing like a warm drink to fight the cold. While Christmas markets in small towns offer genrally quite a small selection of drinks, Vienna goes all the way to make the pickiest of drinkers happy! From fruity teas to almost candylike concoctions, back to the classics like Glühwein and eggnog.

Dates for the 2023 Advent Season:

  • November 10th: Stephansplatz

  • November 10th: Christkindlmarkt am Rathausplatz

  • November 15th: Weihnachtsdorf on Maria-Theresien-Platz

  • November 16th: Spittelberg

  • November 17th: Belvedere

  • November 18th: Schönbrunn and Riesenradplatz

  • November 24th: Karlsplatz

Vienna in winter is a magical wonderland with a host of attractions and activities to enjoy. Here are some of the top things to see and do in Vienna during the winter season:

Schönbrunn Palace: Visit the stunning Schönbrunn Palace, which looks even more enchanting covered in a dusting of snow. You can explore the beautifully decorated Christmas market in the palace's courtyard and take a guided tour of the imperial residence.

Ice Skating: Vienna offers numerous ice skating rinks during the winter season. Ice skate in front of Vienna City Hall (Wiener Eistraum) or at the Ice Dream at Schönbrunn Palace for a magical experience.

Vienna State Opera: Enjoy a world-class opera or ballet performance at the Vienna State Opera. The cozy interior and the grandeur of the performances are especially captivating during the winter months.

Museums: Vienna's many museums provide shelter from the cold. Explore the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Belvedere Museum, or the Albertina for art and culture.

Viennese Cafés: Cozy up in one of Vienna's historic cafés, like Café Sacher or Café Central, and indulge in hot chocolate, coffee, and delicious pastries.

Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel: Take a ride on the iconic Riesenrad at the Prater amusement park for stunning winter views of the city.

Vienna's winter charm is captivating, and these activities offer a glimpse into the city's festive and cultural spirit during the colder months. Whether you're interested in holiday markets, cultural attractions, or winter sports, Vienna has something to offer everyone in the winter season.

From Slovenian Beats to Viennese Treats

It all began with the rhythmic beats of a Joker Out, a Slovenian band, in the city of Zagreb, Croatia. My dear friend Eva and I, caught up in the excitement of spontaneous adventures, decided to embark on a holiday journey that would take us through the heart of the old Austrian Empire. As the Rock faded away, we found ourselves on the road to Hungary, a land of thermal baths, rich history, and (of course) great food. Budapest welcomed us with open arms, its stunning architecture and thermal spas providing the perfect backdrop for our holiday escapade. We roamed the historic streets, took in the panoramic views from Buda Castle, and soaked our worries away in the famed Széchenyi Thermal Bath.

Just as we thought our holiday couldn't get any better, a serendipitous realization struck us – we were just a train ride away from Vienna, right on time for the enchanting Christmas market. With gleeful anticipation, we boarded the train, and Vienna unfolded before us like a fairy tale.

The Vienna Christmas market, with its charming stalls and twinkling lights, was a winter wonderland that seemed straight out of a storybook. The air was filled with the sweet aroma of chestnuts roasting, and the sound of joyful laughter and festive music already echoed through the narrow lanes on the still-warm November days.

Our first stop was - as always - a Glühwein stall, where we indulged in the classic Austrian mulled wine. The warm spices danced on our taste buds, infusing us with a cozy glow that matched the ambiance around us. Emboldened by our festive spirit, we ventured to try variations of warm drinks – from the aromatic Feuerzangenbowle, a flaming concoction of rum-soaked sugarloaf, to the comforting Jagertee, a tea spiked with rum and spices that warmed our souls.

As the final days of our holiday unfolded in Vienna, we reveled in the timeless beauty of the city, where history and modernity coexisted in perfect harmony. The Vienna Christmas market became the grand finale to our impromptu adventure, a perfect crescendo of joy, laughter, and the warm embrace of friendship in the midst of the early-holiday-magic.

Best cafes

Vienna is famous for its historic and charming coffeehouses, where you can enjoy not only exceptional coffee but also a slice of the city's rich cultural heritage. Here are some of the best cafes in Vienna:

  • Café Central: A true Vienna institution, Café Central is known for its ornate interior, historic ambiance, and exceptional coffee and pastries. It was a favorite haunt of famous intellectuals like Freud and Trotsky.

  • Café Sacher: Home of the famous Sacher Torte, this elegant cafe is located in the Hotel Sacher. Enjoy a slice of the iconic chocolate cake with a cup of coffee in a refined atmosphere.

  • Café Demel: Established in 1786, Café Demel is renowned for its exquisite pastries and confections. It's a great place to savor Austrian desserts like strudels and tortes.

  • Café Landtmann: Frequented by artists, politicians, and intellectuals, Café Landtmann offers a classic Viennese coffeehouse experience. Try their famous Apfelstrudel.

  • Café Prückel: Step into the 1950s at Café Prückel, known for its mid-century modern decor and traditional Viennese dishes. The desserts and coffee are delightful.

  • Café Leopold Hawelka: Founded by the son of the legendary Café Hawelka, this cafe offers a more modern and minimalist ambiance while serving delicious pastries and coffee.

  • Elias Coffeeshop: This newly opened cafe welcomes you with its modernity and sofisticated ambiance to taste a great coffee a few steps from the stunning Stadtpark.

Each of these cafes has its own unique charm and history, making them wonderful places to savor Vienna's coffee culture and indulge in delicious pastries and desserts. Whether you're looking for a historic institution or a cozy hidden gem, Vienna's cafes have something to offer every coffee enthusiast.

Eating out

Vienna offers a wide range of dining experiences, and in winter, you can find cozy and inviting restaurants that are perfect for warming up and savoring delicious cuisine. Here are some of the best restaurants in Vienna to enjoy during the winter season:

  • Plachutta Wollzeile: Known for its traditional Austrian dishes, Plachutta is famous for its delectable Tafelspitz (boiled beef) and hearty soups, making it an excellent choice for a warming winter meal.

  • Figlmüller: A Vienna institution famous for its enormous Schnitzels, Figlmüller is a cozy spot to indulge in this classic Austrian dish on a cold winter's day.

A Wiener schnitzel at Figlmüller is truly an experience
A Wiener schnitzel at Figlmüller is truly an experience

  • Mraz & Sohn: A contemporary Austrian restaurant with a focus on farm-to-table cuisine. The cozy interior is perfect for enjoying their innovative dishes and fine wines during winter.

  • Piaristenkeller: Dine in the historic cellar of a former monastery at Piaristenkeller. This restaurant offers a cozy and atmospheric experience with traditional Austrian cuisine.

New Year's Eve in Vienna

Ring in the New Year with a bang at Vienna's Silvesterpfad (New Year's Eve Trail) in the city center. Enjoy live music, street performances, and a grand fireworks display.

Vienna's Delightful Food Adventures: Where Schnitzels Sing and Strudels Dance!

Vienna's Christmas markets are a delightful culinary experience, offering a variety of traditional and seasonal treats that will warm your heart and satisfy your taste buds. Here are some delicious foods and drinks to try at Vienna's Christmas markets:

  • Wiener Würstchen (Viennese Sausages): Enjoy a hearty portion of these flavorful sausages, often served with mustard and freshly baked bread rolls.

  • Käsekrainer: (a personal favourite 🤤) These are cheese-filled sausages that are grilled to perfection and make for a comforting and satisfying snack.

  • Lebkuchen (Gingerbread): Soft, spiced gingerbread cookies are a classic Christmas treat often shaped like hearts and beautifully decorated.

  • Maroni (Roasted Chestnuts): Enjoy the aroma of freshly roasted chestnuts as you stroll through the markets.

  • Mandelbrot (Roasted Almonds): Sweet and crunchy, these roasted almonds come in various flavors like cinnamon or vanilla.

  • Punsch and Glühwein: Warm up with a cup of traditional Austrian spiced punch or mulled wine. These beverages are often available in different flavors and with or without alcohol.

  • Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel): Savor the warm, flaky layers of pastry filled with spiced apples, raisins, and cinnamon.

  • Kaiserschmarrn: (another favourite 🩷) A fluffy and torn pancake often served with powdered sugar and fruit compote.

Exploring the markets while savoring these delightful treats is an integral part of the magical Christmas experience in Vienna.

Insider tips

💡 Vienna is known to be one of the best destinations for Christmas markets. In some parts of the city the markets start already in early November!

💡A perfect souvenir! Every Christmas market has its own cup! Drinks in Vienna are served with a Cauzione - feel free to keep the cutest of cups as a memory of the Viennese winter magic!

🗺️Italian, French, German and Hungarian cuisine meet in the cosmopolitan city of Vienna. Taste some turikish coffe and have a chimney cake while exploring rococo buildings and visiting classical buildings like the parliament!

Ciao ciao, e al prossimo viaggio!

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